Oleh: kareumbi | 18 Juni 2019

Deer Management is not that Complicated!

“Deer management is not that complicated; it’s the people management that’s extremely complicated… [Y]ou have to satisfy the needs of a hunter who wants more deer, a farmer who wants less deer, a resident who wants to see deer but doesn’t want them getting too close… an animal rights group that wants [deer] just to be left alone completely… another group that thinks you should reintroduce wolves to maintain the [deer] population, motorists who are complaining… [and] the municipality that doesn’t want to do anything with the park because the park is for walking your dog.”

—Steve Joule, DEC Region 7, interview271 dalam Conservation and Hunting: Till Death Do They Part? A Legal Ethnography of Deer Management oleh Irus Braverman


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